Karsten Lohmeyer

Journalist, specialist social media and interview trainer

After completing his training at the German School of Journalism, Karsten Lohmeyer worked for the large publishers Burda / Milky Way, Springer and Gong in leading positions from the text editor to the member of the editorial board. The focus was on lifestyle / women’s press, TV magazines and IT / Internet magazines. For three years he headed the multimedia and computer department of the magazine “Tomorrow” (Milky Way Publishing Group). Today, as an independent author and consultant, he shapes the style of various online and offline media. Together with his team, he produces entire magazines, special issues as well as customer and employee magazines. He has been working professionally with the medium of the Internet since the mid-1990s and has specialized in social media in recent years.


🇩🇪#NEUSTAAT🇩🇪Wir brauchen eine neue, effiziente und digitale #Verwaltung! @ThomasHeilmann MdB mit tw. radikalen Forderungen f. mehr Wettbewerbsfähigkeit #Deutschlands auf Weltmarkt. Das volle Interview mit Nikolai A. Behr: youtu.be/k5HnEwA0ag8 #reform #Effizienz #Politik #cdu pic.twitter.com/WMJb…

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