Jürgen Pfeiffer

Media Trainer

Jürgen Pfeiffer learned his journalistic craft as a radio trooper at a special unit of the Bundeswehr for psychological defense (today: `Zentrum Operative Information`). In 15 years, he has gained extensive international interview and media expertise on various TV channels as Editor-in-Chief, Capital City Correspondent and Reporter (ARTE TV, RTL Night Journal and RTL News) as well as Broadcasting Moderator and Synchronous Speaker (Radio RPR and DW-TV). His profile is rounded off by 10 years of experience as communications officer and spokesman for international corporations (including TetraPak and Ferrari) and as a consultant with a focus on reputation management.


🎯Das Modul "Facilitation" des DIKT Academy Trainer Excellence Program ist ab sofort auch einzeln buchbar. Melde Dich an und erfahre von erfahrenen Trainern alles, was Du über Facilitation wissen musst. pic.twitter.com/wcLr…

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