Jürgen Pfeiffer

Media Trainer

Jürgen Pfeiffer learned his journalistic craft as a radio trooper at a special unit of the Bundeswehr for psychological defense (today: `Zentrum Operative Information`). In 15 years, he has gained extensive international interview and media expertise on various TV channels as Editor-in-Chief, Capital City Correspondent and Reporter (ARTE TV, RTL Night Journal and RTL News) as well as Broadcasting Moderator and Synchronous Speaker (Radio RPR and DW-TV). His profile is rounded off by 10 years of experience as communications officer and spokesman for international corporations (including TetraPak and Ferrari) and as a consultant with a focus on reputation management.


🇩🇪#NEUSTAAT🇩🇪Wir brauchen eine neue, effiziente und digitale #Verwaltung! @ThomasHeilmann MdB mit tw. radikalen Forderungen f. mehr Wettbewerbsfähigkeit #Deutschlands auf Weltmarkt. Das volle Interview mit Nikolai A. Behr: youtu.be/k5HnEwA0ag8 #reform #Effizienz #Politik #cdu pic.twitter.com/WMJb…

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