Roger Kihn

Communication and leadership coach, u.a. specializing in women in leadership positions; Industry specialist for financial service providers

The company and management educator from the Rhine-Main area is a certified trainer and coach in the field of personality development. Roger Kihn has worked as a training manager and sales developer for financial services companies (Helaba, LBS, ING-Diba, Entrium Direct Bankers) for many years and knows the specific requirements of the industry. In addition, Kihn has specialized in the last few years to make executives for their presentations and performances on the point to make fit – especially for women in management, he offers suitable coaching.


Was ein Erfolg! Unsere Train-the-Trainer Video Reihe für Audi wurde mit dem Muse Awards in Gold und Silber, in der Kategorie Video ausgezeichnet. Der Muse Award ist ein internationaler Wettbewerb für kreative Fachleute! #mediatraining #museawards…

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