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Crisis communication

The DIKT’s crisis communication offer

Here we simulate the course of a real possible crisis. We take a lot of preparation time for this. You will be confronted with crisis situations as realistically as possible. This is where previously developed messages and communication goals are put to the test.

languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish


Dr. Nikolai A. Behr

Georg von Stein (Dipl.-Kfm.)

Jaqueline Rupp

Detlef Brendel


What is a crisis?


  • It occurs unforeseen and often from outside (hacker attack, force of nature, technical or human failure, behaviour of employees).
  •  It forces the company to act immediately (damage repair and communication, internal and external).
  • It requires the deployment of a crisis management team and special crisis communication.
  • It triggers high time pressure.
  • It has a defined end (as opposed to a conflict).
  • It has an impact on the reputation of the company and/or its employees.

Can we prepare for a crisis?


Not only can we, we have to! When a crisis occurs, structured risk and crisis management is essential to


  • to be able to communicate proactively (act instead of react!)
  • to protect all participants
  • to avoid negative reporting
  • and thus to protect the reputation of the company and to minimize or completely exclude (financial) consequential damage

Crisis management in 5 phases


Phase 1: Preliminary planning

  • Definition of strategic protection goals
  • definition of responsibilities


Phase 2: Risk analysis

  • Identification of risks within and outside the company

Phase 3: Prevention

  • Maintenance of all technical equipment
  • Introduction of security concepts


Phase 4: Crisis management

  • Activation of the crisis unit
  • Action instead of reaction: react before external requests come

Phase 5: Evaluation

  • Regular review and analysis of all measures defined in phases 1-4


Dr. Nikolai A. Behr, CEO DIKT, keynote address to the Munich Security Network on crisis prevention

Photo: brain script



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