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63% of the audience remember stories in a presentation, only 5% remember statistics. With stories, you can get straight to the heart and brain of your target group. In our storytelling training, we give you not only the tool for good storytelling, but also plenty of room to improve your own performance as a storyteller. For over two decades, we’ve been working on how to create strong stories and messages. What is your benefit from a storytelling training? A good story is moving and wants to continue to be told. So it keeps spreading and other people become ambassadors for your brand and messages. Building on our 26 years of experience in business and media, we will peel out with you the best and most effective stories for your products. In the workshop you will get:

  • Basics of storytelling, narrative styles for stories and components of a good story are taught
  • Through storytelling, we will emotionally charge your messages
  • Best Practice-Stories
  • We transform your marketing content (brand essence, brand promise, value proposition, etc.) into media-friendly stories
  • We work with you to develop stories for different media, journalists and customers
  • We translate your singularity (for what do you want to be known) into stories
  • Storytelling from the perspective of neurology and science

How does the training work? The storytelling training is designed in detail for the development of your messages for your situations (your interview, your television appearance, your speech, your participation in a panel round, your Q & A, your presentation, etc.). You get effective, moving and compelling stories. The training typically consists of two interlocking parts: 1. Practical Work

  • We develop your messages for the different types of media situations (for example, your interview, your TV appearance, your speech, your participation in a panel round, your Q & A, etc.)
  • We practice with you and simulate the setup as you place the stories in the media situations that are important to you
  • You get feedback and tips on how to stage the stories well (from dramaturgy to body language)
  • Develop your own way of storytelling
  • We will work with you to enhance your stories through rhetoric, imagery, etc.

2. Theory

  • Use of stories in the media and among customers
  • Criteria for good stories
  • Positive and negative examples of stories
  • The packaging of a story: from rhetoric to the media environment
  • The importance of competing stories for your own stories
  • Answering techniques for transmitting messages

Languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish Trainer:

  • Dr. Nikolai A. Behr
  • Georg von Stein (Dipl.-Kfm.)

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Storytelling day training will now take place on June 16, 2021

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