Experts talking with Nikolai A. Behr

The future and transition of training and coaching with Dr. Andreas Kleinschmidt

Dr. Andreas Kleinschmidt is a London based leadership & communications expert. His topics in leadership coaching cover transitions into a new role, coping with increased responsibilities, managing relationships inside and outside the office, personal growth, as well as effective communication with the media.
This DIKT Expert Talk was recorded as a cooperation with the 1st GLCA Global Leadership Communications Association. (In English language only)  

How to do successful online marketing on LinkedIn? LinkedIN hacks with expert Alexander Gesell

Is LinkedIn, the best B2B online marketing portal during the crisis?
The founder of the ImagineGrowth Institute, Alexander Gesell, has been a sought-after expert, consultant and keynote speaker for online marketing & sales and RPA & AI automation for many years. In Impulses & Perspectives, he talks about the numerous opportunities LinkedIn offers to extend its reach. Especially now, in the Covid-19 crisis, LinkedIn can help you reach new customers and improve your own reputation. (In English language only)

Dr. Marc Szepan – The future of air travel, Boeing, Airbus and the aviation industry after Covid-19

What will the future of the aviation industry look like after?
Dr. Marc Szepan, lecturer in International Business at the University of Oxford, Said Business School, was an executive manager in the airline industrie. He is an expert for technical and digital aviation businesses and gives in the DIKT Expert-Talk with Host Nikolai A. Behr an outlook of the possible scenarios for the airline and aircraft industrie after the Covid-19 lockdown. (In English language only)

Doris Bullus – Finding resilience during COVID-19

Doris Bullus is an inner strength and resilience expert. As a working professional, wife and mother of a teenager, she knows what it takes to prioritize self-care and self-love in order to thrive and live a fulfilled life.

In Impulses & Perspectives with Nikolai A. Behr, Doris Bullus gives insights about how she works during her coachings but more importantly she talks about the process of finding resilience and inner strength especially in regards to the COVID-19 crisis. (In English language only)

Richard Polifka – Why AI is the key to solve the Corona-Crisis & also the Climate Change-Challenge.

Artificial intelligence (AI) will help us to solve the huge challenges of our time. CERN scientist and physicists Richard Polifka from Geneva, Switzerland founded a consulting company to bring businesses and science together. He is working not only at the famous CERN research center, one of the world’s largest and most respected centres for scientific research, his mission is also to help companies being more successful using AI. In Impulses & Perspectives he explains DIKT CEO Nikolai A. Behr why Artificial Intelligence detected already in December 2019 the corona virus outbreak out of data analysis and how AI is able to support to find a medicine or vaccine agains the Covid-19 virus. #science #cern #artificialintelligence #covid19 #corona #climatechange (In English language only)

William Shen – Why businesses in China & Europa are still facing enormous challenges due to Covid-19

Chinese Manager William Shen is a Merger & Acquisition director at Core Industries in Munich. He talks in Impulses & Perspectives about the situation for businesses in China now after the first corona-wave. Has the economy in China already found its way back to a normal working rhythm? How has the Corona crisis changed the way companies work today in China? Are there indicators for an improvement in the economic situation? Will there be a change in the German-Chinese business relations after the Corona crisis? In what way the corona crisis has accelerated the development of the digital economy? How is the corona pandemic seen in China today? What is the situation for a manager in China right now? How are the relations between US and China? The German-Chinese business relations are one of the best. (In English language only)

Udemy bestselling author TJ Walker – Use this crisis! This is your chance to train new skills for a better qualification for jobs after the Corona crisis

TJ Walker is one of the most famous media trainers in the world and he is one of the most successful online course authors on Udemy. In Impulse & Perspectives we talk to him today about how to use the Covid 19 crisis to improve your personal skills with online courses to be better prepared for the job market after the crisis. With over 420,000 students and 155 courses at Udemy, TJ Walker has a wealth of experience with remote learning and knows which courses are particularly in demand and helpful. (In English language only)

Kevin Paetz: Crisis shows the true business leaders. Help your customers, employees & those in need!

Kevin Paetz, a very experienced Canadian CEO, manager, founder and business coach with clients all over the world talks about what customers really need now in the Covid-19 crisis. In impulses & perspectives – the DIKT Expert Talk, Kevin Paetz is talking with host Nikolai A. Behr on leadership and support in crisis times. Topics they discussed are: – In the crisis you have to reach out to your clients and ask them how you can support them – You can’t teach a starving man philosophy, you need food first. – Show all your real resources. – Think from your clients perspective. (In English language only)

Claudia Kimich – Negotiating in a crisis. How self-employed & founders now safely get through the crisis.

Claudia Kimich is not only an expert for negotiation strategies, but also on the board of the Association of Founders and Self-Employed in Germany. (VGSD). In the DIKT Expert Talk, she talks about the negotiation options that every self-employed person and founder should take advantage of even in the crisis. (In German language only)

Viola Weiss – Sport in Crisis: What do the sports presenters, the self-employed & especially the athletes do even in pandemic times?

Viola Weiss, the well-known presenter of Sky Sport News HD and of Radio Gong in Munich, tells how she personally experiences the Covid-19 crisis and how the employees of broadcasters and clubs as well as the players of FC Bayern Munich experience the crisis. (In German Lanugae only!).

Sebastian Wächter – Barrier-free in the head! How to handle strokes of fate & crises with a strong mindset.

Sebastian Wächter has been in a wheelchair since the age of 18. In the expert talk he tells us how he coped with fate paraplegia and what we can learn from it to overcome crises. (In German language only!)

Jan P. Ditgen – speaker, presenter and cabaret artist explains the importance of trust in crisis situations and how to regain this trust:
(In German language only)

Christine Walker, Speaker, Author and well known German business woman on agile management methods and efficiency in office and home-office environment and teh important message, that we all should look positive into the future.
(In German language only)


Marc Wallert – Author of the book “Stark durch Krisen: Von der Kunst, nicht den Kopf zu verlieren”
[Strong through crisis times, on the art no to loose your head] (German Spiegel-magazine bestseller) on how to overcome difficult crisi situations:
(In German Language only)


Kyle P. Bullus, communications expert, on crisis communications in the Covid-19 era.

What’s the best way to work in teams during this corona virus era? Personal fitness in a time of crisis. And it’s not a crisis, it’s a challenging situation.
(Nur in englischer Sprache)


Rainer Westermann – expert on crisis communications of  Westermann Advisors on the chances of business leaders in the Covid-19 crisis.

Nikolai A. Behr talking to contemporary witnesses:





DIKT Deutsches Institut für Kommunikations- und MedienTraining
DIKT Deutsches Institut für Kommunikations- und MedienTraining
Der letzte und dritte Tipp unserer Rhetorikreihe:


Bill Gates wurde einmal von einer amerikanischen Journalistin gefragt: “Sehen Sie sich als Streber?“ Seine Antwort soll in etwa gelautet haben: ‚Wenn Sie mit Streber meinen, dass ich Freude daran habe zu verstehen, wie Computer funktionieren und wirklich alles über Computer wissen möchte, dann bin ich ein Streber.‘ Er hat den Angriff, der vielleicht Negatives hätte hängenbleiben lassen können, schlicht positiv umgedeutet. So verpufft der Angriff.

Sie wollen beim Thema Schlagfertigkeit weiterkommen? Dann sprechen Sie uns an. Unser Chef Trainer Georg von Stein vermittelt Schlagfertigkeit seit 17 Jahren in Trainings und Seminaren.
Alle Tipps zusammengefasst finden Sie hier:
DIKT Deutsches Institut für Kommunikations- und MedienTraining
DIKT Deutsches Institut für Kommunikations- und MedienTraining
Tipp 2️⃣ von 3️⃣ aus unserer Rhetorik Reihe ist das clevere Rückfragen.

Eine der meist unterschätzten, aber wichtigsten Schlagfertigkeitstechniken kann man überschreiben mit: ‚Fragen stellen anstatt dem Antwortreflex erliegen‘. Auch hier Beispiel. „Was Sie da vortragen, ist eine äußerst mäßige Lösung.“ Anstatt jetzt zu erklären, warum die Lösung doch gut ist, stellen Sie die Frage: „Wie könnte eine gute Lösung aus ihrer Sicht aussehen.“ Mit dem aus der Antwort gewonnenen Wissen können Sie nun im Nachgang viel besser argumentieren. Simpel und sehr wirksam.
Historic meeting above the German clouds!
Israel Defense Forces @IDF
This is history.

The moment the Israeli Air Force, led by Maj. Gen. Amikam Norkin, entered into German airspace for the first time ever & was welcomed by the Luftwaffe Commander, Lt. Gen. Ingo Gerhatz:
Die nächste Videokonferenz steht an und Sie wollen noch schärfer und besser aussehen?
Wir haben für Sie alle Kameras zusammengestellt, die Sie dafür verwenden können und verraten Ihnen alle Tricks dazu:
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