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We tailor each media training to address your specific needs and make your appearance a win!

We offer our clients an exciting array of cuttingedge Media, Communication and Interview training, as well as talk show coaching. DIKT – the German Institute for Communication and Media Training – tailors each training to your personal requires ensuring solutions designed to enhance professional appearance. As a successful independent company, our services are especially relevant for media appearances of CEOs, Managing directors and communications officers in business, sports and politics. Headquartered in Munich, DIKT also has representative offices in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf and Zurich. We possess numerous cooperation partnerships with studios and leading media professsional allowing us to indulge in our favourite activity: media excellence.


What will be the dominant management topic in 2024?

What will be the dominant management topic in 2024?

The management landscape is evolving rapidly. The past year has brought remarkable changes, but one theme resonates strongly as we look to the future: embracing or accepting change. In the English-language management literature, 'embracing change' is used, but a good...

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Without science, our economy is on the sidetrack!

Without science, our economy is on the sidetrack!

A wake-up call for managers on World Science Day Today we celebrate World Science Day, a day that recognizes the importance of science and research in our society. As an executive coach, media trainer and keynote speaker, I would like to talk today about why the...

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World Dog Day – Management lessons from dogs?

World Dog Day – Management lessons from dogs?

Leadership and hierarchy 🐕🦺 Dogs, like people, are social creatures that respond to clear leadership and hierarchy. A dog owner must establish himself as a reliable leader who gives clear instructions and ensures consistency. This is similar to the role of a manager...

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Nikolai A. Behr

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Training costs:

from 1250 EUR (plus 16% VAT) per person
(min. 3 participants, max. 6 participants)

More Information

Phone: +49 (89) 800 33 450

E-Mail: office@medientraining-institut.de

Content of training
  • basic knowledge of media
  • professional dealing with media outlets and journalists
  • practical experience: statement and interview
Trainer / Coaches
  • Dr. Nikolai A. Behr, or
  • Georg von Stein, or
  • DIKT senior level trainer

Unlock your potential!


Harald Wilbert, Finanzvorstand, BayWa r.e. GmbH

„Excellent training, which conveys very valuable and immediately realizable advice in a short time.“

Michael Söding, Vorstand Schäffler Automotive Aftermarket

„Very intense and exhausting. A successful interview needs top performance.“

Guido Knott, CEO PreussenElektra

„An intense training with open feedback from trainers and participants. We will continue to work as a team on a number of helpful recommendations and suggestions.“

Marco Valli, Chef-Ökonom EuroZone UniCredit Bank

„I was very satisfied with the training I got from DIKT. The contents were conveyed in a very interesting way. It just should have been longer. I would definitely recommend this training to others.“

Plant Manager Energy Utilities

“Practical training with helpful tips.”

Marc Poppe, Power Plant Manager Stade

“Theory and practice are very well conveyed and brought to the point in an application-oriented manner”.

Maya Kushewa, PreussenElektra

“An open training course adapted to specific expectations with many tips that can be implemented directly.”

Evamaria König, PreussenElektra

“A very practice-oriented training with very helpful and personal feedback, which facilitates the work in communication.”

Thomas R., PreussenElektra GmbH

“The general conditions for a trusting and open discussion and interview atmosphere were created in the best possible way.

Markus H, PreussenElektra GmbH

“Very good training that shows your limits and helps you overcome them.”

Expert knowledge to further your goals

Nikolai and Georg lead a dynamic team of almost 30 media coaches, each specialized in key areas of media & communication.

Dr. Nikolai A. Behr
Dr. Nikolai A. Behr
DIKT CEO and Media Trainer (DE / EN)

Since 1990, PhD in political science Nikolai A. Behr has been active in the television industry. First as a reporter…

Georg von Stein
Georg von Stein (Dipl.-Kfm.)
Media Trainer and DIKT Chief Trainer (DE / EN)

Georg von Stein has been training several hundred speakers since 1997 for their interviews and performances…

Over 25 highly specialized media trainers share One passion: making you look and sound great!

Our team of multi-lingual media trainers prepare our clients to excel when it matters most

Milena Hardt
Milena Hart
Voice Coach and Presentation Trainer

Milena Hardt has been successfully working as a voice and presentation trainer for executives, lecturers, politicians and presenters for ten years.

Detlef Kuschka
Detlef Kuschka
Media- and Interviewtrainer, Communicationtrainer

Coach Detlef Kuschka is a specialist for direct, successful and emotional communication

Tristana Moore
Tristana Moore
Mediatrainer DE + EN + ES

Tristana Moore is an experienced media trainer and freelance journalist in Berlin. She has worked as a TV, radio and print journalist for more than 20 years.

Internationally Focused Trainings

OUR media TRAININGS address the requirements of people that need to communicate nationally and globally

Media Training CEO

You get deeper insights into print journalism (including trade journals, business press and news magazines). Especially for editorial tours, press conferences and trade fair contacts. In-depth wording and interview training. Partly with camera for self-examination.

Communication and Crisis Management Web 2.0

Dangers, Traps and Solutions in the World of Web 2.0. We simulate the possible crisis scenarios from viral rumor spreads to crisis reflection in social media. And work out together procedures for your individual needs.

Last Minute Presentation Training

The focus of this training is on the successful presentation of your person – in front of an audience, in discussion groups, or in front of business partners and employees. They remain authentic and do not become the implausible “actor”. We get the most out of your personality!

Success Factor Voice

This voice and speech training is about the unfolding of your vocal potential and your expressive, superior speech. Convince co-workers, supervisors, customers and the media with your vocal presence.

CEO Talk

CEOs from around the world talk about business, leadership and communication

Kevin Paetz, President & COO Canadian OPS

Live what you communicate

Kane Minkus, Founder Industry Rockstar

About the life changing skill of public speaking

Geir Samdal, CEO Ownomics

You really need to have a good story

Dennis Larsson, CEO Moso

Communication is a key skill to leadership
Experience audiences through virtual reality to better prepare yourself

We bring the latest in VR techology to realistically simulate the conditions you will encounter when speaking to crowds, big or small. With our proprietary virtual reality app, you will experience what it feels like to stand in front of a real audience, allowing you to refine your presentation style and avoid stage fright.

Business Expertise

We continually add value to all our programs by embedding the diverse and substantial business experience of all our media coaches.

Discover knowledge base and Skillsets in key business areas…

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