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We speak your language. We know your topics and tasks in the market. Through years of experience in the training and the preparation for it, througour own experience in the media and in coaching.
Here we have briefly presented our individual industry focuses with the respective competences of the trainers.

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For International Players and large companies in the industrial sector, Georg von Stein and Dr. Nikolai Behr have been successfully working as a trainer for many years. They regularly coaching both communications managers and board members. Especially in the area of environmental communication, Jürgen Pfeiffer (Hamburg office) has broad experience from his work as press spokesman for TetraPak Germany. Dr. Detlef Geiger (Frankfurt office), as head of Hill + Knowlton Germany, advised and supported numerous companies in their communication, including energy companies. Dominik Schott has successfully trained the executives of an energy company for presence and conciseness.

IT / High-Tech / Telecommunication

Many DIKT-Coaches have years of experience in this field. Georg von Stein worked for IT companies in the software and hardware sector. Corinna Kriesemer has many years of experience in the hardware and telecom sector, worked as spokeswoman for Ericsson and Wacom.  Dominik Schott has coached Cisco, Citrix and others.


One of the core areas of DIKT. Dr. Nikolai Behr has the widest experience as the founder of BMW’s company TV. Jürgen Pfeiffer (Hamburg) has worked as press spokespersons at Ferrari Germany.

Law Firms / Consulting Companies

Dominik Schott has trained the managing directors and press officers of medium-sized management consultancies for appearances in front of the camera.


Dr. Detlev Geiger has over 30 years of experience in national and international health communication. For many years he was a member of the European Health Management Team of the PR agency Hill & Knowlton, whose German branch he headed.
Dr. Nikolai A. Behr serves numerous customers in the pharmaceutical industry.

Online-Companies / Start-Ups / Media & Publishing Companies

Numerous web companies from job boards to online travel portals have been regularly trained by Georg von Stein. Corinna Kriesemer (Düsseldorf Office) also has industry expertise here. Dr. Nikolai A. Behr has a broad background in marketing and production in positions of responsibility for TV channels and corporate communications. He is also supporting Start-Ups, as coach and Business Angel.

Dominik Schott has also been a radio and TV presenter for several stations for more than 25 years.

Consumer Goods / Lifestyle

Jürgen Pfeiffer has extensive experience in the lifestyle sector, including through his spokesman’s work for Ferrari Deutschland. Among other things, Georg von Stein worked for the manufacturers of consumer electronics. Dominik Schott successfully works as a coach for Philip Morris and Tchibo.


Dr. Nikolai A. Behr is an active consultant to a wholesale agribusiness company. Georg von Stein has many years of experience in communications consulting for retail companies.

Research and Education

Dr. Nikolai A. Behr has been familiar with the academic and educational scene as a university lecturer and professor for many years and knows their special communicative requirements as an insider. Georg von Stein trained private adult education providers, who have to position themselves in the face of tough competition with clear messages.

Public Institutions / Politics

From the Berlin office Christoph Lang is responsible for trainings of politicians and representatives of public institutions. Christoph Lang was for many years political correspondent for newspapers of the Axel Springer publishing house as well as speaker of the citizens of Berlin economic senator and communication manager of the public marketing institution Berlin partner.

Ottmar Berbalk is the contact person for Dict customers in Brussels. The longtime policy director and Brussels correspondent for the news magazine FOCUS knows the requirements of the Brussels political and media scene very well. Ottmar Berbalk is present with a consulting office in Brussels, looks after u. a. the institutions of the German Business Association Asset Management and Union Petroliere Europeenne Independante (UPEI).
In addition, TV pros Michaela Stricker and Georg von Stein have been specializing in this topic for many years. Our trainer Dominik Schott has been moderating podium discussions with politicians for 10 years and knows exactly where the pitfalls are. Dr. Nikolai A. Behr has been advising politicians of all parties as well as political and public institutions for more than ten years.

Financial Service Providers and Insurance Companies

Dr. Nikolai A. Behr has repeatedly trained employees of financial institutions for internal and external communication.
Dominik Schott has trained executives at a large German bank and several financial service providers in recent years.


Dr. Nikolai A. Behr has been running his own charity projects for many years and is an absolute specialist in this field.
Dominik Schott has been working as moderator and trainer for the largest social association in Germany for 15 years.

Tourism / Travel

Georg von Stein has looked after several tour operators with a focus on online sales. Karsten Lohmeyer has been active as a trainer for the travel group TUI for years.

Medientraining Professionell
You get to know the working methods of the media and the basics of statements and interviews.

Medientraining Print Spezial
You get deeper insights into print journalism (including trade journals, business press and news magazines).

Medientraining CEO
As a leader, you will receive an in-depth on-to-one training with one or two coaches.

Kommunikation und Krisenbewältigung Web 2.0
Dangers, Traps and Solutions in the World of Web 2.0.

Personality and Profile
The focus of this training is on the successful presentation of your person – in front of an audience, in discussion groups, or in front of business partners and employees.

Crisis Training
Here we simulate the course of a real potential crisis.

TV-Studio- and Panel Discussion
You have to present your position precisely and succinctly to an interviewer or moderator. We show you how.

Press conference / Press-Events
Press conferences can be unpredictable. You present your topic, but the journalists ask questions about some unforeseen topics.

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