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Leadership and hierarchy

🐕🦺 Dogs, like people, are social creatures that respond to clear leadership and hierarchy. A dog owner must establish himself as a reliable leader who gives clear instructions and ensures consistency. This is similar to the role of a manager in a company, who must lead their team with clarity and consistency. However, today’s leadership is not just about giving instructions and following them. We are moving from a “dog-like”, hierarchical work environment to a more “cat-like” one where autonomy and flexibility are valued.


Communication and body language

Dogs rely heavily on nonverbal communication and use their body language to express their feelings and intentions. Similarly, leaders need to pay attention to their nonverbal cues, as they can have a significant impact on how their team is perceived. A threatening posture or a stare can create a hostile environment, while a relaxed and open posture can convey a sense of security and trust.


Teamwork and collaboration

Both people and dogs thrive in a team environment because they depend on trust, reliability and positive experiences. Successful teamwork is based on open communication, clear roles, mutual interest and initiative. In the business world, the shift from vertical, hierarchical structures to horizontal, distributed structures requires teams to share responsibility and make decisions together. This shift toward shared leadership and self-organization presents challenges, but also opportunities for continuous improvement.


Trust and bonding

Trust is a fundamental aspect of the human-dog relationship. The dog’s willingness to cooperate increases with each positive experience. Similarly, positive experiences in a business environment foster trust and cooperation among team members. Leaders can strengthen this bond by creating an environment where team members feel valued and their contributions are recognized.

Adaptability and flexibility

Dogs are highly adaptable creatures, able to learn new behaviors and adapt to different environments. This adaptability is a valuable trait in the business world, where change is constant. Leaders must be flexible and willing to adapt their strategies to meet new challenges and seize opportunities.

So, on the occasion of World Dog Day, let’s take a moment to appreciate our canine companions for the joy they bring to our lives and the lessons they teach us about leadership and teamwork. If you would like more sharing with me on the topic of communication and leadership, subscribe to my newsletter or write to me.

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