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Global challenges

Around the world, children face enormous challenges. Many do not have access to adequate education, healthcare or clean water. World Children’s Day reminds us that it is our duty to address these grievances and ensure that every child has equal opportunities. We must be aware that the fate of children in countries with limited resources also affects our own, as the world is increasingly interconnected and only good conditions for children in their home countries can also help reduce global migration flows.


Learning from children

But World Children’s Day is also an opportunity to reflect on what we can learn from children. Children are curious, creative and have an unwavering determination to explore and understand the world. These traits are also invaluable in the business world. The ability to welcome new things with open arms, solve problems creatively, and see the world with a fresh eye are qualities that distinguish successful managers and leaders. There is an opportunity here to leverage enormous potential, for example, through appropriate leadership training. As a resource-poor country, we urgently need more innovation. We need to revive childlike curiosity and a willingness to experiment.


The education of tomorrow

Managers and leaders in education, politics and business should be thinking about how to educate the next generation of leaders and workers. Investing in education and training is key to ensuring that today’s children become tomorrow’s competent and responsible managers. In Germany, we could invest more in educational initiatives that develop children’s critical thinking skills and social intelligence. These skills are just as important as mastering technical knowledge.


Our common future

The more we engage in the education and development of our children, the better not only their future will be, but our own as well. When these children reach the job market, they will shape the world. Let’s make sure they are well prepared for that task. When we invest in children’s education and well-being, we invest in a better future for all of us.


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