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A wake-up call for managers on World Science Day

Today we celebrate World Science Day, a day that recognizes the importance of science and research in our society. As an executive coach, media trainer and keynote speaker, I would like to talk today about why the German and European economy needs a strong scientific foundation and why promoting science at school is crucial.

Five to twelve for Germany as a business location? Photo: Alexa / Pixabay

Science as an engine for economic growth

The German and European economies rely heavily on innovation and competitiveness in order to be successful in a globalized world. A robust scientific basis is the key to this competitiveness, especially in a country like Germany that is poor in raw materials. Scientific knowledge and technological advances are the drivers for productivity increases and new business opportunities. Cooperation between science and industry leads to innovations that open up new markets and improve existing business models.

World Science Day

The theme of this year’s UNESCO World Day of Science for Peace and Development on November 10 is “Building Trust in Science”. Trust in science is crucial for the development of evidence-based solutions to global challenges. The role of science in shaping our common future can only be fulfilled if there is trust in science. The day aims to connect science and society to provide citizens with information on science for sustainable development and peaceful coexistence. The World Day of Science for Peace and Development was born out of the 1999 World Conference on Science in Budapest, Hungary. The conference brought together researchers, policy makers and other stakeholders to discuss the role of science in promoting peace and sustainable development. An important outcome of the conference was the Declaration on Science and the Utilization of Scientific Knowledge, which focused on the importance of science in addressing the challenges of the 21st century.

Science in various disciplines strengthens Germany as a business location. Photo: PublicDomaninPictures / Pixabay

Science education at school

The foundation for a strong scientific culture must be laid at school. The promotion of science and technology subjects is crucial as they stimulate young people’s interest in science and develop their skills. A well-educated population is an important contribution to the development and application of scientific knowledge in the economy. Educational institutions such as the Technical University of Munich with the TUM School of Management do an excellent job of this by linking education and research.

Getting children interested in science at school is not difficult. Photo: Adobe Stock

Lighthouse examples of scientific success

In Germany and Europe, there are numerous examples of successful scientific initiatives that strengthen the economy. The TUM School of Management at the Technical University of Munich is one of these lighthouse examples. Through its excellent research and practical training, it helps to promote young talent and develop innovative solutions for the economy. Such institutions are crucial for the training of managers who will shape the future of the economy.

Other successful initiatives that strengthen Germany as a business location include

Siemens and the Technical University of Berlin: Siemens cooperates closely with the Technical University of Berlin to develop innovative solutions in the field of electromobility. This partnership has led to pioneering developments in the field of sustainable transportation systems.

BASF and Harvard University: The chemical company BASF has entered into a long-term partnership with Harvard University in the USA to work together on material innovations and chemical research. This collaboration has led to new product developments and groundbreaking discoveries.

BMW and the Technical University of Munich: The close cooperation between BMW and the Technical University of Munich has led to the founding of the Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence (TUM AI). Together, they are working on intelligent mobility solutions and autonomous driving.

SAP and the Hasso Plattner Institute: SAP, a global software company, works closely with the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam to drive innovative developments in the field of enterprise software. This partnership has led to new technologies and solutions in the field of data processing and analysis.

Daimler and Stanford University: Daimler has established a strategic partnership with Stanford University in the USA to work together on pioneering technologies in the field of vehicle automation and communication. This cooperation has led to the development of advanced driver assistance systems and connected vehicles.

The importance of science for management

As an executive coach, it is important to me to emphasize the importance of science for management as well. Managers are required to incorporate scientific findings into their decision-making processes. The ability to understand and apply scientific data is crucial to making informed decisions and ensuring long-term success. Collaboration with research institutions enables managers to stay at the cutting edge of knowledge and integrate innovative approaches into their strategies. A greater exchange between managers and the scientific community will usually lead to more innovative projects and new solutions.

What experience do you have with scientific projects? Please write to me. Photo: DIKT GmbH



World Science Day reminds us how important science is for strengthening the German and European economy. The promotion of science in schools and cooperation between educational institutions and industry are crucial to our long-term success. Lighthouse examples such as the TUM School of Management show us how this collaboration can bear fruit. As leaders, we should recognize the importance of science in our work and actively integrate it into our decision-making processes.

Let’s celebrate science together and recognize its role in strengthening our economy. You can find more information about me and my work at www.dr-behr.com and www.medientraining-institut.de.

I look forward to a lively exchange and wish you all an inspiring World Science Day!

Yours sincerely,

Nikolai A. Behr

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