Tanja Faust

Trainer for speeches, presentations, “TED” style conferences

“Every speech or presentation is like a journey,” says DIKT trainer Tanja Faust. “And the speaker is the tour guide who takes his audience with him, telling him exciting stories and creating images in the mind’s eye.” However, this requires precise rules, from the construction of a speech to the development of emotionality. Whether for the keynote address at the conference or the sales presentation in front of customers. Tanja Faust teaches storytelling for the big and the small stage.
Tanja Faust has been helping companies to communicate successfully for twenty years. She is a member of the Association of Speechwriters of German Language (VRdS) in the jury direction for the Freestyle Dax Annual General Meeting Speaker of the Year and is a speechwriter for prominent managers and politicians, ia. for the head of government of a federal state.


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