Anna Jois

Stage Performance Trainer, Communication Trainer

As a former executive at the Swedish Public Sector she knows the importance of a good skillset in public speaking. On stage, on video and face to face in networking. As a 12 year old she conquered the stage as a singing artist. Today she is a multi-entrepreneur with expertise in communication, getting the message through, helping leaders of the world to feel confident in their communication.


• From stage fright to a confident speaker

• Get partners or customers through brilliant networking

• Get your company’s message through


🇩🇪#NEUSTAAT🇩🇪Wir brauchen eine neue, effiziente und digitale #Verwaltung! @ThomasHeilmann MdB mit tw. radikalen Forderungen f. mehr Wettbewerbsfähigkeit #Deutschlands auf Weltmarkt. Das volle Interview mit Nikolai A. Behr: #reform #Effizienz #Politik #cdu…

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