Today: emotionally touching with storytelling

Good Morning

Brands are increasingly becoming media and staging themselves through storytelling. How this works, shows our co-colleague and storyteller book author Petra Sammer with the story of the “wake-up light” by lighting manufacturer Philips. The Dutch global corporation had developed a light product that simulates a sunrise so that one wakes up gently and comfortably. Philips can prove the soothing effect of the many studies. Sell ​​Wakup Light almost by itself, as you would expect. But that did not work. Philips also needed to find a new way to market Wakeup Light. Tell the stories of residents of the Norwegian village Longyearbyen in Spitsbergen, the northernmost town in Europe. People suffer from the many dark winter months when they can not see sunlight. For eleven weeks there is complete darkness here. The times of day are then only visible over the closing time. If the shops are open, it is day, they are closed, it is night. Life and survival in our latitudes. Philips also invites the Spitzbergers to try out the Wakeup Light, and later on becomes the stories of the people, of their lives and also of their experiences with the “new light” via multimedia videos, Facebook stories or press reports. The campaign will be a huge success. Very quickly, international media report in a circulation of over 40 million and the sale. Because people love stories. (For further interest we recommend Petra Sammers book Storytelling published by O ‘Reilly)

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