Participants in our seminars regularly ask us for advice on the technology of webinars and online training. In addition to our videos on YouTube (youtube link to DIKT page), we have therefore taken the effort to compile a list of our equipment.

You have surely asked yourself which microphone is actually best for the perfect sound of a video conference? Or how we manage to easily switch back and forth between several cameras and presentations during our online trainings?

With the many online seminars we hold, we have accumulated a lot of technical equipment over time. Regularly we could test so many different products. Some of them we can recommend to you with a clear conscience. For this purpose, we have compiled all our equipment for you on a list. This ranges from cameras, microphones and lights to drones and much more. You will find the products sorted by category, next to the product name you will also find the direct links to the pages of Amazon and Thomann. For you, this means that you can add the products directly to your shopping cart and order them, at the current retail price. For us it means that we get a small commission from the retailer for the effort of keeping the list up to date when you buy online as an affiliate partner. For you, however, the price remains completely the same!

The equipment list including links can be found at

For questions about technology and further recommendations or different product experiences, please write to us at

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