How can one still retain a certain lightness in the face of all the current challenges? The Italians have their own word for this: sprezzatura. In Italy, this describes the phenomenon of making a strenuous or challenging activity seem easy and effortless.

The convention of the GSA German Speakers Association e.V. in Stuttgart in September provided a stage for numerous coaches and trainers on this topic under the motto Sprezzatura. DIKT Chief Trainer Georg von Stein and DIKT Founder Nikolai A. Behr were also present. Their conclusion: If you let war, pandemics, inflation, energy crises and the like weigh you down too much, you lose the ability to act sustainably and wisely in business. Even in challenging situations, especially as a manager, you should find a good balance between tension, concentration and ease in the implementation of projects and processes.

A good overview of topics and people and a lot of empathy help enormously. Our trainers and coaches Dr. Nikolai A. Behr, Dominika U. Schott and Dipl.-Kfm. Georg von Stein will show you how you as a manager can successfully lead employees with empathy and an overview in individual or group training sessions. Contact:

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