Posted by | 5. July 2018
CEOs want to demarcate themselves: image crucial for strategic changes

The appointment of new CEOs often involves a change of strategy in large organizations. How strong these are? Prof. dr. Hutzschenreuter from the Technical University of Munich investigated and made...

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Posted by | 3. May 2018
Communication is an important factor: how companies with sustainability increase sales

Sustainability of companies not only serves the responsibility, but can be a sales turbo. According to studies, up to 40% of Germans are willing to spend more on a product...

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Posted by | 2. May 2018
Campino – ‘tremble-Statement’ at Echo: 3 tricks against nervousness on stage

If we want to deliver important messages, we should come across sovereign. Only then will our content be optimally received and retained by the audience. But especially in important or...

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