With Mr. Bruno Augustoni, the DIKT Deutsches Institut für Kommunikations- und Medientraining has been able to bring another long-term experienced, worldwide and multilingual professional negotiation and sales coach and management trainer on board.

At the DIKT, Mr. Augustoni will in the future expand the training offer in the field of sales and negotiation communication. DIKT CEO Dr. Nikolai A. Behr: “We are very excited about the cooperation. The fact that we have gained an excellent negotiating trainer with Mr. Augustoni opens up a multitude of new opportunities for on-demand training for our customers. ”

Mr. Augustoni has been developing tailor-made solutions for many years. The likeable Swiss management consultant has developed ‘THE AUGUSTONI METHOD’, which enables him to significantly increase the sales success of his clients in six steps worldwide.

You want to get an idea yourself? Write to us and get a preliminary consultation by telephone, as our trainings can also increase your success.

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