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In these times of pandemic, we are faced with great challenges, especially towards our employees, customers, suppliers, investors and the media.
But right now, employees need clear leadership and guidance to overcome the crisis well. Customers must not be left by the wayside either and must be kept informed of all news. As managing director, presence is required here.

How do I deal with this? How do I communicate confidently, send positive messages and how do I approach the press properly?

The DIKT’s immediate package for crisis communication offers you online help for the acute issues in your company.
Our trainers will coach you for one hour free of charge in a video call via Skype or zoom on the subject of crisis communication and crisis management.
We address your individual needs and give you tips for a good speech or presentation.

Make an appointment now free of charge via Calendly for one hour of intensive training to be well prepared for the following coronavirus challenges.

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