Media Training Professional

You get to know the working methods of the media and the basics of statements and interviews. For all forms of media (especially print and TV – incl. Realistic TV interview), on request with special emphasis (for example trade media).

Media Training Print Special

You get deeper insights into print journalism (including trade journals, business press and news magazines). Especially for editorial tours, press conferences and trade fair contacts. In-depth wording and interview training. Partly with camera for self-examination.

Media Training CEO

As a leader, you will receive an in-depth on-to-one training with one or two coaches. In addition to the development and presentation of messages, your impact as a personality will be addressed. We give you unadorned feedback.

Communiaction and crisis management Web 2.0

Dangers, Traps and Solutions in the World of Web 2.0. We simulate the possible crisis scenarios from viral rumor spreads to crisis reflection in social media. And work out together procedures for your individual needs.

Virtual Reality Media Training

Whether a meeting on a small scale or a speech in front of a large audience – from now on you have the opportunity to simulate these situations under real conditions during a media training. With our in-house developed virtual reality app you can experience what it feels like to stand in front of an audience. Refine your appearance and prevent stage fright.

Personality and profile

The focus of this training is on the successful presentation of your person – in front of an audience, in discussion groups, or in front of business partners and employees. They remain authentic and do not become the implausible “actor”. We get the most out of your personality!

Positioning in public and business

The manager as an unmistakable personality “brand” – our coaches work here simultaneously as coaches, personality consultants and performance coaches. For the participants, this means: security in the performance, sovereignty in negotiations, leaving a distinctive impression.

Business Talk

In order to establish and maintain contacts, one must place oneself on receptions, during the lunch break, in the business lunch and with the informal after-work drink with its topics. Business Talk is the professional version of Small Talk. Stories instead of dry facts, pictorial words, body language and content must form a unity. We show you, which stories can be sold, give tips for self-presentation and file in detail in many exercises.

Press conferences

In particular, press conferences can be unpredictable. You present your topic, but the journalists ask questions about some unforeseen topics.

Crisis training

We simulate the course of a real potential crisis. We take a lot of preparation time for that. As realistic as possible you will be confronted with crisis situations. Here, previously developed messages and communication goals are put to the test.

Sovereign negotiation and discussion

Discussions and negotiations are increasingly deciding on the success of companies. In this training you will learn to convince the interlocutor to enforce your goals in a negotiation.

Intercultural communication

When it comes to international business relationships, sensitivity is important in communication with the other culture. From greeting, mentality and body language to table culture, small talk topics, business attire and gifts: Here you will be prepared for successful, international business.

Success factor voice

This voice and speech training is about the unfolding of your vocal potential and your expressive, superior speech. Convince co-workers, supervisors, customers and the media with your vocal presence.

Last Minute presentation training

In this training you prepare your important lecture or your upcoming presentation with effective and immediately implementable methods. This will give your performance the final touch and ensure the full attention of your audience.

TV-Studio- and panel discussion

Not only do you have to present your position precisely and succinctly to an interviewer or moderator – here you also have to deal with constantly changing topics and possibly dominant discussion partners.

Stylish appearance in front of camera and audience

Find out what influence outfit and appearance have on the acceptance of your messages. Experienced TV journalists explain the special requirements for clothing, accessories, hair and make-up, and conduct practical tests with the participants in front of the camera.

Successful Image-Building

Both in the professional and in the private sphere, your appearance and your behavior are influential for your overall appearance. Here you will learn how to increase your success in business through professional dress codes, body language, charisma and some tricks and tricks.

Business etiquette

At a moderated three-course meal, you’ll learn all about table etiquette, which behavior is considered appropriate and stylish these days. Among other things, the handling of service personnel, intercultural aspects and frequent mistakes are discussed.

Facial expressions resonance

Recognizing, interpreting and reacting to the feelings of the other person is the foundation for a successful relationship – also in business life. We introduce you to the world of micro-expressions, both theoretically and practically using video clips and interactive exercises.

Lively body language

Wildly rowing with your arms or steady, deliberate movements of the hand – customers, employees and colleagues can use their body language to pick out the emotions. How you make use of this property and make a confident impression with the right gestures, we will tell you in our training “Lively body language”.

Sales communication

To be authentic, natural and personable in business dealings and sales – that is both your goal and our specialty. In this training you will learn what it means to communicate successfully in sales.

Next 1-day open media training seminar

November 14th, 2018

Training location: Munich

training content
• Basic, medial knowledge
• Professional dealing with media and journalists
• Practical exercises: statement and interview

training costs
€ 1.250,00 (plus VAT) per person
(at least 3 participants, max 6 participants)

• Dr. Nikolai A. Behr (media training)
• Georg von Stein (media training)

Registration / Contact
+49 (89) 800 33 450
office (at)


Your personal contact persons


Dr. Nikolai A. Behr
Tel. +49 ( 89 ) 800 33 450

Georg von Stein
Tel. +49 ( 89 ) 800 33 450

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