Kevin Paetz, President & COO Canadian Ops

Kevin Paetz, President and COO of Canadian Ops about the importance of communication. You have to retell a message 6-8 times and always test your communication.

Geir Samdal, CEO Ownomics

Geir Samdal, CEO Ownomics thinks communication is more important than ever, especially in a world with social media. A good story is a key factor for success in the business world.

Guy Freiburghaus, CEO Freiburghaus Management

For Guy Freiburghaus, CEO consultant, communication is a key part of everyday business life for an execute, wether with the employees, the stakeholders or business partners.

Sofie Cero, Truelinked

For Sofie Cero the voice, appearance and body language are most important when it comes to communication. According to her, 90% of the communication comes through your body.

Kane Minkus, Founder Industry Rockstar

Kane Minkus, Founder of Industry Rockstar is sure, that the ability to communicate a message to a public audience is a life and career changing skill set because you can mobilize and engage people.

Dennis Larsson, CEO MOSO

According to Dennis Larsson, CEO MOSO, good leadership is about getting connected with the people in the organization. You need to have a relation with the employees to understand the condition they live in.

Ing. Mag. Monika Maria Wiesner, Executive Consultant

“Es ist sehr wichtig, sich bewusst zu machen, was man mit Körpersprache und mit Worten weitergibt”, so Executive Consultant Ing. Mag. Monika Maria Wiesner. “Durch Trainings kann man eine deutlich bessere Selbstwahrnehmung erlernen.”

Kyle P. Bullus, CEO Coach

The ability to listen and to be able to get straight to the point in your statement is a key skill for good communication according to CEO Coach Kyle P. Bullus.