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Your individual media training

Media training, communication training, interview training, talk show coaching and many other trainings are offered by DIKT – the German Institute for Communication and Media Training. We tailor each training to your personal wishes – that means tailor-made solutions for your professional appearance. As an independent company, DICT focuses on trainings for media appearances of CEOs, Managing directors and communications officers in business, sports and politics.

With two managing directors in the headquarters in Munich, as well as representatives in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf and Zurich as well as numerous cooperation partners for camera and studio technology, the German Institute for Communication and Media Training is a professional training provider. At DIKT, companies receive solutions from a single source for all communication requirements for public appearances.

Contact us:

We are happy to advise you by phone on + 49-89-800 33 450
Or send us your inquiry:
office (at) medientraining-institut.de


Next 1-day open training session on November, 14th 2018 in Munich (in German language)

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The 6 most important elements in a crisis according to NATO spokesperson Oana Lungescu @NATOpress : 1) Clear crisis management rules 2) Situational awareness 3) Trained spokespeople 4) Myth busting 5) Coordination 6) Exercises #ccc7 #crisiscommunication #NATO #defence

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Nikolai Behr, Bruno Augustoni
Product great, but sales missing? Bruno Augustoni now DIKT coach for negotiating tactics

With Mr. Bruno Augustoni, the DIKT Deutsches Institut für Kommunikations- und Medientraining has been able to bring another long-term experienced, worldwide and multilingual professional negotiation and sales coach and management trainer on board. At the DIKT, Mr. Augustoni will in the future expand the training offer in the field of sales and negotiation communication. DIKT CEO...

CEOs want to demarcate themselves: image crucial for strategic changes

The appointment of new CEOs often involves a change of strategy in large organizations. How strong these are? Prof. dr. Hutzschenreuter from the Technical University of Munich investigated and made an exciting discovery: CEOs change the course if they are like their predecessors. This is the result of a review of strategy changes in the...

Communication is an important factor: how companies with sustainability increase sales

Sustainability of companies not only serves the responsibility, but can be a sales turbo. According to studies, up to 40% of Germans are willing to spend more on a product if the company is socially engaged. But of course only if they relieve the company of its sustainability activities and communication. Big sticking point: Many...

Campino – ‘tremble-Statement’ at Echo: 3 tricks against nervousness on stage

If we want to deliver important messages, we should come across sovereign. Only then will our content be optimally received and retained by the audience. But especially in important or dangerous situations, we often can not retrieve our optimal performance. And that is a pity! So what do you do against stress and nervousness? An...

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Open 1-day media training session in Munich

(usually in German, starting with 3 participants also in English)

November 14th, 2018

location: München

training content
• Basic, medial knowledge
• Professional dealing with media and journalists
• Practical exercises: statement and interview

training costs
€ 1.250,00 (plus VAT) per person
(at least 3 participants, max 6 participants)

• Dr. Nikolai A. Behr (media training)
• Georg von Stein (media training)

Registration / Contact
+49 (89) 800 33 450
office (at) medientraining-institut.de

490C-Level Trainings
Positive Feedback

The right Trainer for You

More than 20 experienced media trainers, moderators and journalists are under the direction of Dr.Nikolai A. Behr and Georg von Stein available as needed. Always a suitable coach, always an individual training – no off-the-peg program.

Expertise on all media fields

We train managers as well as politicians and stakeholders. Discreet and with proven success.

Cross media

For all media types: TV, radio, daily, business and trade press, online press, social media. Our media training takes place on one -to-one, in groups, in TV studios or under live camera conditions. For this we prepare ourselves editorially with many years of experience for the interview situations.

Continuous development

In addition, the Institute stands for permanent research in the field of media impact and the corresponding training methods.

Our clients feedback

“Very intense and exhausting, a successful interview is a top performance.”

Michael Söding, Schäffler Automotiv Aftermarket

“The training was a perfect mix of knowledge transfer and fun.”

Andreas Labinski, Jaspersoft

“An intensive training with open feedback from trainers and participants. We will continue to work as a team on a number of helpful recommendations and suggestions.”

Guido Knott, CEO PreussenElektra

“Excellent training … the best media training I ever had.”

Jim Kraimer, CROWN Gabelstapler

“Very practice-oriented and inspiring seminar that shows how diverse communication is and how much fun it is to speak in front of a camera.”

Michael B., Führungskraft Audi

“A completely new television experience!”

Uwe Müller, Sky Deutschland

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